Welcome to THE GREATEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE. I’m Sonya Saturday, and I’ve been putting comic strips on the internet since 1999 (LOAD, Pope & Pig, Satan Funnies). My weekly strips began appearing in alternative newspapers starting in 2000 and since then I’ve created all kinds of work in multiple fields (film art direction, children’s storybook apps, and queer comics anthologies, to name a few).

This newsletter

This newsletter will update at least once a week, typically on Thursdays. My artistic output is very organic, which means that there will be times that I put out extra unexpected updates. The comic strips I produce now have varying lengths; some will be 8-10 panel stories, some will be 4-5 panel “slice of life” bits, and others will be single-panel statements or gags.

In addition to new comic strips, I’m updating some of my older, rarely seen short stories. Those will be for paid subscribers only. I have more ideas for stuff I can do here, but let’s see how this all goes for now. I’m always interested in trying new things!

What you will see

My longtime followers know that the tone of my work is somewhere in the dark humor and sarcastic wit realm. A magazine editor once wrote that my writing “[seemed] to celebrate the same ignorance it mocks,” and a comics professor said that my artwork is “aggressively pretty.”

The general topics that I will be writing about include: living/working in Hollywood, growing up in Florida, queerness, transness, mental health, monsters, kinky sex, dating fails, and random people on the street.

Most of the work will be not for children. There will not be content warnings other than this statement right here 😊

Lastly, I don’t tolerate any sort of harassment or bigotry, so please keep in mind that I am so, so excellent at blocking people.

Thanks for joining the ride!

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Comics about my life in Hollywood, my younger years in Florida, and all the weirdness in between.